Signs of the Tines:

The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook

Get your astrological chart and
your astrological food analysis

What do the stars say about your food habits?

Are you a quick Gemini Ascendant* or do you have Taurus on the first house* making you desire to savor your food?  

Is your fourth house, the house of home life, in mothering, nurturing Cancer or more impersonal but curious Aquarius?

Does your South Node, which indicates your past life patterns say you are more of a hot-tempered and demanding Aries or a adventourous Sagitarius?


Find out with your personalized foodie chart.

Signs of the Tines Foodie Chart

You will receive a complete personal audio food chart analysis that is between 35 - 60 minutes long and can be downloaded and saved to an MP3 player, as well as a chart that you can print.

Your chart will look something like the one above with the planets and asteroids in the right place for you, of course. Don't worry that this chart looks like ancient Norse. Joan's audio analysis is in "real English" and includes a copy of her "Astro Notes" that identifies all of the symbols and describes the meaning of everything that is on the chart!

Order a Foodie Chart for $75 from the shopping cart on the right.

Remember, Joan will need your birth time, place, and date. After paying for your Foodie Chart, you will be sent to a web page to email the information for creating your Chart.

Be sure to fill in the form and send it to Joan.

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Signs of the Tines

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